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Adept Storm Modular Body Armor System Goes from Level III through IV

Every situation is different and has different requirements. For that reason, there is no single solution that is ideal for all circumstances. In this case, the same goes for body armor. Where .30-06 protection might be a little too much for one operation, simple .44 Magnum protection might not be enough for another. For this reason, Adept Armor features their new modular Storm Body Armor System, allowing you to adapt to the operation.

The Adept Storm Body Armor System

The system starts with the Foundation UHMWPE plate, which is unlike standard ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plates. Designed for comfortable all-day wear, the 10×12-inch SAPI cut plate allows the user to inter-change strike-faces. As a result, the user can upgrade from Level III through Level IV with ease, depending on operational needs. Also, it is resistant to most chemicals, microorganisms, and ultraviolet radiation, for an extended life.

Weighing just 2.4 pounds, the Foundation is among the thinnest plates in its category, at 0.9-inches thick. Additionally, the Foundation is tested against mild core rounds in 7.62x39mm AK47 MSC, 7.62x51mm M80, 7.62x54mmR LPS, 5.56x45mm M193 and 5.56x39mm AK47 MSC. However, like all UHMWPE plates, it won’t reliably stop 5.56x45mm M855. In addition, it is multi-hit capable, even in the same location. Although it provides a high level of protection, it also allows for extreme mobility.

The Storm: Titanium

The Titanium is a low-profile plate that can attach to the strike-face of the Foundation plate for additional protection. However, it can be used on its own as an ultra-low-profile Level IIIA/stab plate, with protection against .44 Magnum, .357 Magnum, Spike-3+ and Knife-3+. The Titanium, coupled with the Foundation plate, brings the combined thickness up to 1.1-inch thick and a total weight of 5.5 pounds. Together with the Foundation, it offers protection from high-velocity steel-cored rifle ball threats such as the M855 and 5.54x39mm 7N6.

The Storm: Disruptor

The forthcoming Disruptor is intended for the most extreme threat environments. When coupled with the Foundation plate, the toughened ceramic composite plate brings the protection to Level IV. Although it can not stand alone, the two together provide protection against .30-06 APM2, 7.62x51mm M80A1 and lesser rifle threats. As a modular component, the Disruptor can be easily and rapidly replaced if it is damaged in the field or sustains any impacts that would degrade its capabilities.


The Adept Storm Body Armor System is available now, with an MSRP starting at $325.00, depending on add on options. For more info, please visit AdeptArmor.com.

The Adept Storm Body Armor System.

The Storm: Foundation Specs

10×12” SAPI (dimensions are nominal)
UHMWPE composite construction
Weight: 2.46 pounds
Thickness: 0.92”
Standalone threat rating: NIJ III/RF1
MSRP: $325.00

The Storm: Titanium Specs

10×12” SAPI
Monolithic titanium alloy construction
Thickness: 0.2”
Weight: 3.3 pounds
Standalone threat rating: NIJ IIIa, Knife 3, Spike 3.
Threat rating in conjunction with Storm: Foundation: RF2 (NIJ III + M855 and other steel-cored rifle ball threats.)
MSRP: $350.00

The Storm: Disruptor Specs

10×12” SAPI
Monolithic toughened ceramic construction
Thickness: 0.35”
Weight: 3.6 pounds
Standalone threat rating: NONE.
Threat rating in conjunction with Storm: Foundation: Level IV / RF3 (.30-06 AP M2.)
MSRP: $265.00

Source: https://www.tactical-life.com/gear/accessories/adept-storm-body-armor-system/

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