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Medium Caliber Weapon Systems Contract Awarded to PROOF Research

PROOF Research has just been awarded a new military contract for new “medium caliber” weapons systems which builds upon the company’s previously successful small caliber barrel technology which is currently in service with U.S. Military Forces. PROOF Research specializes in precision-made firearm barrels for both bolt-action and AR-type rifles and even produces complete rifle systems. In addition, the company also has an advanced materials & technologies division specializing in advanced composites.

PROOF Research @ TFB:

Medium Caliber Weapon Systems Contract Awarded to PROOF Research

Medium Caliber Weapon Systems Contract Awarded to PROOF Research

PROOF Research claims to be the leading manufacturer of advanced high-temperature composite aerospace/defense materials and components often referencing their cut-rifled steel and carbon-fiber composite precision rifle barrels as well as their custom rifle systems which are said to deliver extreme performance and accuracy and also up to a 50% reduction in overall weight.

PROOF’s composite materials technology is unique in that it opens up the weapon design space to enable performance advantages that cannot be achieved with traditional materials and techniques. We design and build medium caliber weapon system barrels and components with characteristics previously not attainable.

  • Advanced Composites Division General Manager and project Principal Investigator, David Curliss, PhD.

Medium Caliber Weapon Systems Contract Awarded to PROOF Research

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The small caliber program proved that PROOF Research was able to produce both performance advantages on the battlefield as well as scalability with regards to production and supply needs.  PROOF Research has also demonstrated that they are dedicated to improving and refining the weapons systems of the American Warfighter for this generation and the next generation. The contract obtained by PROOF is valued at $12.7 million and will consist of the development of a prototype advanced composite medium caliber barrels for the US military’s next-generation weapon systems.

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