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POTD: Swedish Sniper with PSG 90B Rifle

The Swedish Army is looking for a New Multi-Caliber Sniper Weapon System, until then they are using the Accuracy International AI AW (PSG 90B) in 7.62×51 mm. The riflescope is usually a Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PMII. The Swedish rifle is the Arctic Warfare version of the British L96A1, and it was adopted in 1990. Above you can see a sniper from Sweden aiming downrange during European Best Sniper Team Competition at Hohenfels, Germany.

Below you can see a sniper from Turkey in a similar position.

The 2021 European Best Sniper Team Competition is a U.S. Army Europe and Africa-directed, 7th Army Training Command hosted contest of skill that includes 8 participating NATO allies and partner nations at 7th ATC’s Hohenfels Training Area, August 8-14. The European Best Sniper Team Competition is designed to improve professionalism and enhance esprit de corps.

For a deeper insight on the Schmidt & Bender 3-12×50 PMII Scope check out TFB’s review. Or if you are just interested in some more leisure, check the “Swedish Home Guard with Ak4 and PSG90 B” POTD.

One of the original PSG90 rifles, with serial number AW0007, can be seen here: Accuracy International Arctic Warfare.

Photo source: U.S. Army, Spc. Zachary Bouvier.

Source: https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2021/09/14/swedish-sniper-psg-90b/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss

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