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Springfield Armory LevAR Charging Handle Keeps Your Rifle in the Fight

Now here’s a product we didn’t necessarily see coming. And in a exceedingly crowded AR-15 accessory market, it would be easy to overlook it. But the new Springfield Armory LevAR charing handle does work no other accessory can.

Springfield Armory LevAR Details

The unique and innovative design quickly transforms into a tool, without ever taking it out of or disassembling the gun. Pretty much if you’ve ever shot an AR-15 enough, you’ve experienced a stuck case in the chamber. ARs run dirty by nature, and in high-volume shooting, training or 3-gun competition, a dreaded stuck case will strike at some point.

Trust us, when the match clock is ticking, there’s no worse feeling in the world than a rifle that won’t cycle. In a match this malfunction costs us time and points. In a tactical or defensive scenario, it can cost so much more. So the premise behind the LevAR promises a welcome tool. Incorporated into a working part on the rifle itself, even within the trained manual of arms, now that’s a potential game changer.

Instead of slamming the butt of your rifle repeatedly into the ground, or “mortaring,” the LevAR provides a different tactic. Shooters simply push a button on the charging handle to rotate out a lever arm. You now have the purchase and power to rip that charging handle out, extracting the stuck case.

“The LevAR is a unique drop-in solution for your AR,” said Steve Kramer, Vice President of Marketing for Springfield Armory. “This replacement charging handle gives you a quick-response option that allows you to get your AR quickly back into action.”

Innovative Cam Design

It all works via a cam pressing forward against the back of the upper receiver. When pulling the extended lever to the rear, the LevAR delivers approximately a 3:1 mechanical advantage over a traditional design, according to Springfield Armory.

Slamming the rifle butt into the ground has always boarded on unsafe action on many ranges. The LevAR replaces that remedial action with one based on traditional manual of arms. The rifle remains safely pointed downrange, and in theory, it should get your gun back in the fight much faster than ever before.

We’re all out there shooting whatever ammo we can get our hands on. I sure don’t want a malfunction, but when the next one comes, I can’t wait to see how fast I’m back on target with I rack the LevAR.

The LevAR retails for $99, built for mil-spec AR-15/M4 platforms. For even more info, please visit springfield-armory.com.

Source: https://www.tactical-life.com/gear/accessories/springfield-armory-levar/

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