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Wiley X Celebrates Groundbreaking at New HQ Site in Texas

Shooting requires protective equipment. Proper ear and eye protection are an absolute must anytime you’re going to a range day or other event that’s going to involve live fire. Too many shooters have learned the hard way that your senses are precious and damaging or losing them while enjoying the shooting sports is a tragedy that’s almost always preventable. When it comes to eye pro, there are plenty of quality, ballistic-rated options on the market from companies like Wiley X, Oakley, ESS, Magpul, and many more. Some of TFB’s prior coverage of shooting-related eye pro is listed for you below.

Eye Pro @ TFB:

A rendering of what the new facility will look like once construction is complete, which is projected to be finished in Q2 2022.

A rendering of what the new facility will look like once construction is complete, which is projected to be finished in Q2 2022.

Wiley X is a brand that’s no newcomer to the eye pro game. They were founded more than three decades ago by a military veteran, with a focus on providing this important piece of personal protective equipment to America’s servicemembers. The brand has since expanded to include other markets like law enforcement, industrial sectors, and the general public in their commercial market. They haven’t forgotten their roots, however. Several of their glasses and goggles models are in use with the US military today, and included on the DoD’s official “Authorized Protective Eyewear List” (APEL). After years of making excellent shooting glasses in California, the company recently announced that they would be moving to Texas. Pursuant to that change, they just celebrated the ground-breaking ceremony at their new facility in the Dallas-area suburb of Frisco. Their relevant press release reads as follows.

Representatives from the company digging in at the ground-breaking ceremony.

Representatives from the company digging in at the ground-breaking ceremony.

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June 22, 2021
Wiley X Breaks Ground at New Headquarters in Frisco, Texas

Livermore, CA – Wiley X®, the leading premium protective eyewear brand, broke ground in Frisco, Texas, where its global headquarters, manufacturing and distribution site is set to be located in the Star Business Park by 2022. Wiley X joins a growing list of California-based companies seeking new locations, with many finding their new homes in the Dallas and North Texas region. The central location within the United States will increase efficiencies of shipping and distribution, in both time and cost, to the wide range of customers Wiley X supports.

Co-Owners of Wiley X, Myles Freeman, Jr. and Dan Freeman, were on-site with shovels in hand and hard hats on to commemorate the milestone of this brand. Naturally, all participants, which included Mayor Jeff Cheney, Councilman John Keating, Councilman Bill Woodward, and Councilman Brian Livingston were equipped with the brand’s iconic safety-rated eyewear to ensure the event went off without a hitch. Other attendees included Gary Garley, Jason Dudley and Rick Fletcher of the Frisco EDC Board of Directors as well as Fire Chief Mark Piland and Assistant Chief Greg Ward of the Frisco Police Department.

“Wiley X is committed to piloting smart and sustained growth for many years to come and a central location like Texas is a prime place to call home for our brand,” said Dan Freeman, Co-Owner of Wiley X. “Frisco is a perfect fit for Wiley X and as a veteran-founded, family-owned company, we are excited to call Texas home as we begin to grow and contribute to the area while supporting the community,” expressed Myles Freeman, Jr., Co-Owner of Wiley X.

Frisco – known as “Sports City USA” – is a perfect fit for Wiley X, a company committed to protection and performance for active pursuits such as fishing, motorsports and shooting, as well as for the government/first responder network. Wiley X aligns well with Texas values, with a long history of providing protective eyewear to the United States military and being veteran-founded and family-owned. Breaking ground and the move to Frisco will inspire the fabrication of a state-of-the-art building to elevate brand operations and will include a flagship retail store for Wiley X fans and local customers to enjoy.

About Wiley X

Veteran-founded in 1987, Wiley X has been producing the world’s most protective eyewear to various markets that rely on impact resistance for over 30 years. Myles Freeman Sr., a military veteran, started Wiley X to protect the eyes of those who protected America. The company’s military heritage helped carve a roadmap for Wiley X in the years to follow for many well-respected weekend warriors. Every adult sunglass style made by Wiley X meets ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety Standards, for protection that goes far beyond the harmful rays of the sun. Several styles also meet U.S. military MIL-PRF-32432 standards for ballistic eye protection, a key reason why Wiley X has been a leading provider of vision protection equipment to the U.S. military and law enforcement for more than 30 years.

Images courtesy of the City of Frisco, Texas.

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